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"To provide lowest possible cost solutions to problems of the electric industry by deploying state of the art technologies in quality projects with little customer risk."

Distributed Generation Systems, Inc. (DISGEN) is a renewable wind resource development company with a long established reputation for wind resource power generation facilities.

Since 1996, Distributed Generation Systems, Inc. (DISGEN) has been providing energy services to the U.S. energy market. Primarily focused on renewable wind resource development, DISGEN has a developed expertise and reputation for assisting Tribal Nations with the assessment and development of the extensive natural wind resource primarily available in the Northern Plains region. With successful wind power generation projects among the Northern Plains Tribes, DISGEN has an established capability as a reliable energy service provider to Indian Country.

Formation of the Native American Programs and Resources Division (NAPRD) was initiated to assist Tribes in developing their own energy projects from renewable technologies to the traditional technologies in maximizing the economic benefit for the Tribes and their members.

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